Kuppe Reimenrod Geotop

36323 Grebenau, Deutschland

The ‘Große Kuppe\‘ is the name given to the 12 m high rock outcrop that is hidden in the forest on the west side of the Warthügel, about one kilometer east of Grebenau-Reimenrod. The rock outcrop consists of basalt columns arranged in a conspicuous milestone position and covering an area of 30 x 20 m. The columns have a diameter of 5 to 30 cm and are made of basanite. Large inclusions of red sandstone make the rock very interesting. On the other hand, only under the microscope can be seen inclusions of olivine, ore and analcime. The natural monument can be reached via Bieben (on the L 3161) with the turnoff to Reimenröder Straße, before the small forest turn left onto the dirt road and follow it to the edge of the forest.

36323 Grebenau, Deutschland

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