Steinbruch Gonterskirchen Geotop

35321 Laubach, Deutschland

The basanite, which is mined in the quarry near Gonterskirchen, is known for its peculiarity: here one can find olivine nodules up to 15 cm in diameter. The olivine nodules are very rich in magnesium and consist of 64% olivine, 27% orthopyroxene, 5% spinel and 3% clinopyroxene. The olivines come from a depth of up to 60 km. Based on their mineral composition, they are spinel-harzburgites and spinel-lherzolites. Their composition gives information about the speed with which once the magma rose, because they are heavier than the melt and sink in it. If one looks at the whole quarry, it can be seen that there were probably several lava thrusts. The lower lava flow is formed in columns, the upper parts show platy segregations. The quarry can be reached from the K 190 Gonterskirchen-Freienseen, only a few hundred meters after Gonterskirchen to the right. The quarry is in operation and not open to the public. However, it is possible to view the quarry from a forest path above the quarry.

Stadt Laubach

35321 Laubach, Deutschland

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