Bilstein Fernsicht Geotop

63679 Schotten, Deutschland

The 665.5 m high Bilstein, located above Schotten-Busenborn, is an impressive rock cliff and the highest elevation of a north-south sweeping ridge. Since May 2012, this geotope has been equipped with an information portal. Geology: The Bilstein consists of platy-banky segregated rock, where the plates are almost vertical and have an inclination of 70 degrees perpendicular to the longitudinal direction of the cliff. Basanite with many olivine nodules is the main material of the Bilstein, which is formed by a very fine-grained groundmass that also contains plagioclase and ore. Legend & History: The Bilstein is not only interesting from a geological point of view, but it is also a magnificent vantage point that offers views as far as the Taunus, the Rhine-Main area and the Giessen region. According to a Vogelsberg legend, the Bilstein is the home of a mystical white woman, the so-called Else vom Bilstein. Every year in spring, the only leaning maypole in Germany is erected on the Bilstein by the single young men from Busenborn. Accessibility: The popular excursion destination can be reached by hikers via the circular hiking trail "GipfelTour". Only a short walk is necessary to reach the Bilstein on the European long-distance hiking trail E3 (blue St. Andrew‘s cross) from the hiking parking lot of the Vogelsberg Volcano Region Nature Park on the L3338 (between Breungeshain and Sichenhausen). near Schotten-Busenborn

63679 Schotten, Deutschland

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