Steinbrüche bei Brauerschwend Geotop

36318 Schwalmtal, Deutschland

The two abandoned quarries in the municipality of Brauerschwend are characterized above all by their large, partly very evenly shaped basalt columns. On the west wall of the larger quarry they stand vertically and here reach a thickness of 1 meter! On the opposite side, the columns are smaller and partly horizontal. There is a, albeit weakly formed, milestone formation to be seen. The thick columns consist of a dark gray, fine-grained basanite with small inclusions of olivine and clinopyroxene. Ore and plagioclase are also found in the groundmass. The quarries can be reached via the L 3144, here the access road branches off between Brauerschwend and Rainrod, leading first to the quarry in operation and then (1 km further east) to the disused quarries. The quarries are not open to the public, but can be viewed in parts.

36318 Schwalmtal, Deutschland

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