Heinzemänner Geotop

35329 Gemünden (Felda), Deutschland

The rock cliff ,Heinzemänner‘ consists of the Heinzemannskopf, a 6 m high rock outcrop and a series of smaller rocks. A boulder pile has formed at the base of the cliff. The Heinzemänner consist of dark, very fine-grained basanite, which has many small vesicles. Zeolites are found in the vesicles and in fine veins that cross the rock. In the basanite there are in addition in-sprinkles of olivine and clinopyroxene. Remarkable are the up to 5 cm large xenoliths, which occur as crustal xenoliths next to olivine nodules. The Heinzemänner can be reached from Gemünden-Ehringshausen via an asphalt road, which leads uphill for about 500 m. The last steps up to the Heinzemannsknollen are on an asphalt road. The last steps up to the Heinzemannskopf must then be made along a forest path. Not far from the cliff, the VHC hiking trail marked with a black triangle passes by, coming from Rülfenrod or Schellnhausen.

35329 Gemünden (Felda), Deutschland

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