Taufstein - Blockhalde und Bismarckturm Geotop Aussichtspunkte/-türme

63679 Schotten, Deutschland

The Taufstein is with 773 m above sea level the highest elevation of the Vogelsberg. Together with the Herchenhainer Höhe, the Nesselberg, the Hoherodskopf and the Geiselstein, the Taufstein forms a flat ridge, the Rhine-Weser watershed. Geology: The Taufstein is formed by a gray-black compact basanite, which contains inclusions of olivine and clinopyroxene. The matrix also contains nepheline, leucite, apatite and ore, and rarely biotite. The sea of blocks on the northern and western slopes of Taufstein was formed during the Ice Age, when cryoturbation (ground movement during frost) formed the blocks. On the top of the Taufstein stands the Bismarck Tower from 1910, whose lintel on the viewing platform is made of Londorf bubble basalt. Bismarck Tower: The Bismarck Tower, built of local basalt between 1906 and 1910, has a height of 22 meters and stands on the baptismal font. The tower was built as a lookout tower according to a design by the architect Ludwig Hofmann. From the tower you have a magnificent view over the Oberwald, to the Taunus, to the Dünsberg, to the Knüll and to the Rhön. - The Bismarck tower on the Taufstein is unfortunately closed until further notice due to structural damage and danger for visitors. - Accessibility: The Taufstein can be reached via the L 3305, parking lot Taufstein, from there it is only a few meters on foot. Hikers and walkers use the circular hiking trail "Höhenrundweg" (start and finish: Information Center Hoherodskopf) or the hiking trail from the parking lot Heide.

63679 Schotten, Deutschland

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