Dicke Steine - Hansteingraben - Felsenmeer Geotop

35315 Homberg (Ohm), Deutschland

The Homberg district of Nieder-Ofleiden offers several geological sights. One kilometer east of the village there is a shelter at an idyllic little pond, right next to the natural monument "Dicke Steine\‘\‘. The stones, made of light gray, very solid sandstone, occupy an area of 20 x 30 meters. They are fine-grained and show stratification. They are tertiary sands silicified afterwards. Not far away, following the circular path, another geological feature is found: in a small quarry in the Hansteingraben, unsilicified tertiary sands are exposed. They are unconsolidated, well stratified, fine-grained and deposited in a striking alternation of white and yellow sands. Following the path uphill through the deciduous forest, one crosses the natural monument Felsenmeer with large boulders composed of sandstone. The ecologically sensitive area is home to many rare plant species. From the main road in Nieder-Ofleiden (L 3073) from the direction of Schweinsberg, take the 1st road on the left (In der Hohl) and then always follow the tarred path, keeping left at the fork. From a small parking lot at the refuge, the points of interest are accessed by a 1.2 km natural trail, which is explained on a display board not far from the refuge.

35315 Homberg (Ohm), Deutschland

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