Dicke Steine Geotop

36325 Feldatal, Deutschland

The mountain called Eckmannshain between Ulrichstein and Stumpertenrod has an altitude of 622 meters. On its northern slope, the Dicken Steine, a rocky cliff, protrudes. It reaches a height of up to 8 m and a width of 10 m with the length of 30 m. The columns, which often reach only 15-20 cm in diameter, form a mile position. A gangue formation is probable. The rock of the Thick Stones is a compact black basanite, which is fine-grained and porphyritic developed. There are inclusions of olivine and clinopyroxene. Also inclusions of foreign rocks occur. The Dicken Steine, from which one has a fantastic distant view in the direction of Gießen and Marburg, can be reached via the Weitblicktour.

36325 Feldatal, Deutschland

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