Hasenköpfel Geotop, Grillhütte und Rastplatz

36341 Lauterbach, Deutschland

This abandoned quarry not far from Eisenbach Castle is a popular destination for excursions, as it is equipped with resting benches and a barbecue hut. On the walls you can nicely see the medium basalt columns (up to 50 cm in diameter), which have vertical, partly curved shapes. In the upper part, fissures give the rock a platy appearance. In some places, the lava has formed as breccia, which has led to the formation of large blocks and many cavities. The Hasenköpfel can be reached from Frischborn (on the K 111) in southeastern direction with a short footpath. A detour is also worthwhile for cyclists on the Hessian long-distance bike path R7, the volcano bike path (www.vulkanradweg.de) or for hikers on the Extratour Bachtour (www.extratouren-vogelsberg.de/html/bachtour.html).

36341 Lauterbach, Deutschland

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