Steinbruch Herbstein Geotop

36358 Herbstein, Deutschland

At Gallberg, south of Herbstein, several areas have been opened up by a quarry. In one section rock is still being quarried, in another section a biotope with a small lake has been created. The deepest bottom of the part of the quarry still in operation is already being backfilled, so that the structures worth seeing are only visible for a short time. This is a pyroclastic sequence at the base, above it are several lava flows, on top is a layer of loess. The special thing is that the structures visible here continue in the Herbstein vault, but there unweathered and protected. The quarry can be reached via the K 109, which leads from Herbstein to Lanzenhain. The quarry reaches close to the road and from there a view is possible. Not far from the quarry runs the Extratour Felsentour (

36358 Herbstein, Deutschland

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