Uhuklippen mit TeufelstischGeotop

36355 Grebenhain, Deutschland(557 m über NN)

The Uhu cliffs are an impressive natural monument with a length of almost half a kilometer at a height of a good 10 m. The escarpment is fitted into the slope, at its feet a dump with block debris has formed. Many of the rock formations form - with a little imagination - exciting figures or faces and several legends in typical Vogelsberg style entwine around the rock cliff. The large cuboids that the fissure system forms at this point are striking. The material of the Uhu cliffs is a dark basalt with a porphyritic structure that includes olivine and clinopyroxene. The Devil‘s Table, a flat rock slab with a diameter of 3 m, is located directly on the Uhu Cliffs. The basalt slab, which is not known whether it came to its present position by man or by natural means, is made of basalt and is the scene of a devilish scene: playing cards with the devil. But this story is best told on a hike through the ‘Legendary Schwarzbach Valley‘ with nature park guide Manfred Meinhardt. The hiker reaches the ‘Uhuklippen‘ and the ‘Teufelstisch‘ via the ‘Vulkanring Vogelsberg‘ (www.vulkanring-vogelsberg.de) as well as via the ‘Geopfad\‘ between Hoherodskopf and Ilbeshausen-Hochwaldhausen. It is also a small detour just from the Bonifatius Route(www.bonifatius-route.de).

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