Kalkberg Geotop

36341 Lauterbach, Deutschland

In the abandoned quarry northeast of Lauterbach-Maar, Muschelkalk is exposed. The area is part of the geologically highly interesting Lauterbacher Graben, in which younger Triassic (Muschelkalk and Keuper) and Lias were preserved when the interior of the graben sank. At the edge of the trench, on the other hand, the red sandstone is clearly visible. On the limestone mountain itself there is lower shell limestone, which has a light gray color, but is also partially weathered to a yellowish color. It is called wavy limestone because it consists of thin slabs or is wavy. Due to its hardness, which it gains from its components limestone and marl limestone, it forms steps in the terrain. Rich fossil finds are also possible here. In addition, there is also medium shell limestone at the Kalkberg, which consists of light gray-yellowish limestones and marl stones in thin plates. Subordinately, harder dolomitic beds are also found. Fossils are hardly found in this layer. The quarry can be reached from Lauterbach-Maar via the L 3161 in the direction of Wernges. After about 500 meters you will find the Kalkberg on the right side of the road. Photo: A. Metzner (Schotten)

36341 Lauterbach, Deutschland

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