Wildfrauhäusel Geotop

36304 Alsfeld, Deutschland

The rock cliff, which bears the name Wildfrauhäusel, is located about one kilometer south of Alsfeld-Altenburg. Over a length of 150 m, three individual cliffs form a step here, which can be traced further as a morphological edge after it has flattened. An extensive boulder pile has formed around the highest cliff, which reaches 6 m in height. The basanite is fine-grained and dark, and the olivines, which are found as inclusions, can grow up to 5 mm in size. Zeolites fill the small bubbles within the rock and pass through in thin veins. The Wildfrauhäusel can be reached from Altenburg (on the L 3145) via the K 122, the Kirchpfad and the extension of the street Am Schloßberg.

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