36355 Grebenhain, Deutschland

This cliff was named Wodestein after the Germanic god Wotan. However, it is also known as Hirschfelsen. The natural monument is about 7 m high and surrounded by a sea of blocks formed by falling ashlars. Tectonically shaped fissures gave the rock formation its shape. The Wodestein is made of dark basalt with porphyritic structure, which contains inclusions of olivine and clinopyroxene. The Wodestein, which is marked as a natural monument on hiking maps, can be reached via the L 3305. In a sharp right-hand bend, about 1000 m before the junction with the L 3140, there is a parking bay. From there it is about another 200 m along a forest path. A few hundred meters away, the Vulkanring Vogelsberg (www.vulkanring-vogelsberg.de) runs past.

36355 Grebenhain, Deutschland

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