Steinbruch Klöshorst Geotop

36355 Grebenhain, Deutschland

Standing at the upper edge of this abandoned quarry, one has a magnificent distant view in the direction of Spessart and Rhön. The quarry, located between Grebenhain and Hochwaldhausen, occupies an area of about 300 x 150 m. Here a tholeiitic basalt was quarried. The rock is dark gray to black and fine-grained. Small olivines and large, mostly zoned clinopyroxenes are found as inclusions. Relatively much plagioclase and ore are found in the groundmass. Worth seeing are besides the basalt columns also the wetland in the inner part of the closed quarry and the still scattered basalt boulders lying around. The Klöshorst can be reached from the parking lot on the L 3168 between Grebenhain and Ilbeshausen.

36355 Grebenhain, Deutschland

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