Spitzen Stein Geotop

36355 Grebenhain, Deutschland

A group of rocks called Spitzen Stein protrudes from the leveling area of the Burgschneise to the east of Hochwaldhausen. Similar to the nearby Burg geotope, striking fissures with a curved shape can be observed here as well. Overall, the rock formation is of oval shape, which, together with the fissures, suggest a passage. Numerous olivine nodules characterize the basanitic rock. Zeolites are found in fissures and in fine veins. Only in the matrix also plagioclase occurs. The Spitzen Stein can be reached via the Vogelsberg Volcanic Ring (www.vulkanring-vogelsberg.de) or by following the signs from Hochwaldhausen through the Schwarzbach Valley.

36355 Grebenhain, Deutschland

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