Nonnenstein Geotop

36355 Grebenhain, Deutschland

Not far from Hochwaldhausen, in the Hegholz district north of the Burgschneise, is the Nonnenstein. The rock has a diameter of a good 2 meters. It belongs to the sea of boulders formed during the ice age, which is still visible in many places in the Schwarzbach valley. The rock consists of fine-grained basic vulcanite. Many enchanting legends are entwined around this stone, which you can best hear from nature park guide Manfred Meinhardt on a tour in the ‘Legendary Schwarzbach Valley‘. The Nonnenstein can be reached via the Vogelsberg Volcanic Ring (; somewhat off the beaten path, but signposted) or by following the signs from Hochwaldhausen through the Schwarzbach Valley.

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36355 Grebenhain, Deutschland

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