Steinbruch Köllenberg

36304 Alsfeld, Deutschland(400 m über NN)

At Köllenberg, between Eifa, Schwarz and Rainrod, there is a former quarry with a size of about 500 m length and 200 m width. The mining phase of basanite has already ended there and the quarry is backfilled in the northeastern area. The predominant form of the rock formation is basalt columns, which dip flat from the outside. Segregation fractures define the upper meters of the outcrop. The volcanic vent once broke through the adjacent rock and formed a vent. A part of this secondary rock, a red sandstone, is exposed on the west wall. It is presumably lower red sandstone from the Bernburg sequence, which has a reddish-brown color and a clayey consistency. The quarry can be reached from Schwarz in a westerly direction via Alsfelder Straße, after a sharp left-hand bend continue straight ahead, after 1.3 km turn right and take the 1st path on the left.

Der Steinbruch ist von Schwarz aus in westlicher Richtung über die Alsfelder Straße erreichbar, nach einer scharfen Linkskurve geradeaus weiter, dann nach 1,3 km rechts und den ersten Weg links.

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