Christines Häuschen Geotop

36358 Herbstein, Deutschland

The Schwarza, a small river southeast of Herbstein-Schlechtenwegen, has cut its bed deep into the volcanic rocks found here, exposing some picturesque rock formations. These include the cliff Christines Häuschen, which is located on the southern slope of the Hardt north of the Salza. The appearance of the volcanic rocks is characterized by fissures. It is a dark gray, almost black, fine-grained basalt. Christine‘s cottage can be reached most easily on foot from Schlechtenwegen along field paths in a southeasterly direction. Not far from the formation runs the Way of St. James (marked with a scallop shell) or the European Long Distance Trail Atlantic Bohemian Forest (marked with a blue St. Andrew‘s cross).

36358 Herbstein, Deutschland

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