Amöneburg Ostwand Geotop

35287 Amöneburg, Deutschland(327 m über NN)

Visible from afar, the 365 m high basalt cone of the Amöneburg rises from the plain and towers above the valley of the Ohm. On the 25 m high eastern wall, which you can reach by car (road: Steinweg), flat lying cooling columns of basanite can be seen. Like a seemingly chaotic picture they point in different directions. The position of the columns can be interpreted as a milestone position, which indicates that 15 million years ago there was a large crater full of lava here, which then cooled in columns perpendicular to the cooling surface. The hard material of the volcanic complex was once surrounded by softer rock that was eroded over millions of years. In the 19th century there were several quarries or places with basalt deposits, from which the town of Amöneburg sold stones for road and wall construction or boundary stones. From the top of the hilltop you have a fantastic distant view of the surrounding areas. It is also worthwhile to visit the medieval castle ruins and the church. During a walk through the winding streets of the historic old town and across the market square, the houses tell their story via QR codes. The entrance to the town, coming from the Vogelsberg, is via an old picturesque arched bridge at the Brücker Mühle.

35287 Amöneburg, Deutschland

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