Basaltgipfel des Hoherodskopfs Geotop

63679 Schotten, Deutschland

At 763 m above sea level, the Hoherodskopf is the second highest elevation in the Vogelsberg. Its summit is located below the telecommunications tower, directly at the parking lot in front of the Hoherodskopf Information Center. Since May 2012, this geotope has been equipped with an information portal. Geology: The outcrop consists of basalt, which has a dark gray-black coloration and is fine-grained. Single-grain irregularities are not visible in the dense porphyritic structure. Olivines and plagioclase show up under the microscope. Ore and brown glass are also visible in the matrix. Accessibility: The basalt peak can be reached via the Höhenrundweg or directly from the parking lot Hoherodskopf.

63679 Schotten, Deutschland

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