Blockwiesen auf dem Gackerstein Fernsicht Geotop

63679 Schotten, Deutschland

If you look from the Hoherodskopf in the direction of Schotten / Giessen, you will see a gentle hilltop of 663 m height on the slope opposite, which is covered with a rough grassland typical for the volcanic soil in the Vogelsberg. The highly acidic soil provides a habitat for rushes and junipers. In between there are small and large boulders that form a sea of blocks. Since May 2012, this geotope has been equipped with an information portal. Geology: The rock consists of a black fine-grained basanite. The compact mass contains inclusions of olivine. In the matrix there are also ore, zeolites, glass, biotite, leucite and some plagioclase. Accessibility: The Gackerstein can be reached via the circular hiking trail "GipfelTour" or from the parking lot at the valley station of the ski lift in Schotten-Breungeshain.

63679 Schotten, Deutschland

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Am Vulkaneum 1, 63679 Schotten, Deutschland

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