Horst Geotop

63679 Schotten, Deutschland

Above Schotten-Rudingshain rises a 601 m high mountain, which is called Horst. Several small rocky cliffs are exposed here in the forest. The edge of the peak is surrounded by an extensive block pile. In addition, the visitor will come across numerous dry stone walls, which were piled up there by locals in the 1970s, when they searched in vain for a castle or a ring wall at this place. They did not find anything. Once there was probably a small watchtower, a hunting lodge of the landgrave of Hesse or a small hermitage. Geology: The stones used to build the new walls are made of basanite and belong to the local boulder dump. The rock cliffs themselves show a platy, flat lying fissure and several steep directions. The rock is dark gray, partly crossed by veins of zeolites and fine to medium grained. Accessibility: The eyrie can be reached from Schotten-Rudingshain or the Niddaquelle parking lot via the VHC trail, which is marked with a red +.

63679 Schotten, Deutschland

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