Wildholl-Loch Geotop

35327 Ulrichstein, Deutschland

In the Lohwald near Unter-Seibertenrod hides a geologically interesting as well as by legends entwined place. On the western slope of the Hirtenstein, about 500 m east of the village, there is a small cave in the unusually hard basalt rock. Whether it is of natural origin or man-made is uncertain. The name ‘Wildholl-Loch‘ refers to the goddess Holle, who was worshipped in pre-Christian times. Maybe this was one of the places where she was worshipped. Remarkable is also the extremely vesicular basalt of this geotope, because these become unusually large with up to 5 cm and show a clear arrangement. The rock formation is thus recognizable as part of a lava flow. It is also unusual that the bubbles are empty, unlike in the Vogelsberg. The picturesque and interesting place can be reached on foot from Unter-Seibertenrod (L 3073) via uphill field paths or from the parking lot wind energy park on the L 3073 between Ulrichstein and Stumpertenrod.

35327 Ulrichstein, Deutschland

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