Steinbruch Ober-Ohmen Geotop

35325 Mücke, Deutschland

The quarry on the southern slope of the Hainer Mountain has reached a size of about 500 m length and 150 m width. Basanite is mined here. This quarry is something special by the fact that here - due to the mining - on a height of 50 m a lava lake is opened. Visible here is the central area of the lava lake. The vent is filled with thick, mostly vertical columns. In the upper area, flat segregations of horizontal position can also be observed. The quarry can be reached via the L 3073. It is located between Ober-Ohmen and Ruppertenrod directly at the country road. The quarry is not open to the public, but partly visible from the outside.

35325 Mücke, Deutschland

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