63679 Schotten, Deutschland

On the approx. 3 km long circular trail you will come from the Vulkaneum to the Warte geotope and the Warte lookout point. The path leads you through the historic old town into nature. Adventurous forest paths lead you to a former lava flow. Moss-covered witnesses tell of our fiery past. Afterwards you will be rewarded with a wonderful view of the adventure mountain Hoherodskopf and Schotten, "the town at the green volcano". Geology: At the Geotop Warte you can see the inner part of a thin lava flow. The pores present in the rock are clearly visible. These round holes are formed by the formation of gas bubbles in the lava. In the lava flow, these bubbles rise and are therefore more numerous in the upper part. Because of these pores, the rock is also called lungstone. Accessibility: The VolcanoTour 2 is signposted with a red volcano. The trail starts and ends at the Vulkaneum (Am Vulkaneum 1) in the town of Schotten.

63679 Schotten, Deutschland

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