Schleuningsteine und Mullstaa Geotop

35327 Ulrichstein, Deutschland

A rock group is named after the former mayor of Feldkrücken, Wilhelm Schleunig, which is located about 700 m northeast of Ulrichstein-Kölzenhain. The Schleunig rocks, which are designated as a natural monument and have a commemorative plaque, consist of vertical basalt columns rising up to 5 m from the ground, formed by tectonic fissures. It is a gangue-shaped breakthrough, which is made of basanite. Included in the groundmass are olivine nodules and plagioclase, the few bubble cavities are filled by zeolites. A good 100 m further east are the Mullstaa (Mull Stones), which are made of the same material as the Schleunstein Stones. The 6 m high group of rocks is surrounded by a boulder debris surface, on which broken off parts of the basalt columns have collected. The olivine nodules of this natural monument can reach up to 10 cm in size. Both rock formations are accessed by several hiking trails: Vulkansteig, Basalt-Weg and Vulkanring Vogelsberg ( It is also a detour of only a few meters from the Hessian Long Distance Cycle Route R4 to these geological sights.

35327 Ulrichstein, Deutschland

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