Alteburgkopf Geotop

63679 Schotten, Deutschland

Take your time to discover the great lava flow with basalt columns and a Celtic ring wall. This beautiful area invites you to discover and gives insight into the history of the earth. Geology: The volcanic rocks of the geotope and natural monument Alteburgskopf near Schotten are rich in alkalis, which is why it is called alkali basalt. Due to weathering of the relatively high content of feldspars, the rock often appears light in color compared to other basalts. When basaltic lava cools, it loses volume. This causes stresses within the rock. These are relieved by the formation of cracks, which ultimately leads to the formation of columns. The columns point with their ends in each case to the former cooling direction: in a lava flow thus in the direction of the cooler lower and upper side. These columns can also be seen at the Alteburgskopf geotope. By the force of erosion, the marginal areas of the former lava flow were crushed and rearranged. This is indicated by the boulder field around the geotope. Accessibility: Hikers pass the Alteburgskopf geotope on the circular hiking trail "Eschenrod-StauseTour". In addition, the approx. 6 lm long VulkanTour 3 (marking: black volcano) leads from the Vulkaneum to the geotope.

63679 Schotten, Deutschland

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