Gluckensteine Geotop

63679 Schotten, Deutschland

The impression of brooding hawks gave this rock formation its name. These are bulging formations formed by flat-lying segregations that have been made more prominent by erosion over millions of years. Geology: The fine-grained tholeiitic basalt has a porphyritic structure that includes olivine and some plagioclase. The rock is unusually rich in bubbles. These are arranged in layers and were formed by the flow of the lava. Accessibility: The Gluckensteine are a natural monument and are located about 700 m southeast of Schotten-Betzenrod on a hill above the B 276. Both the Hessian long-distance bike trail R 4 and a hiking trail marked with a green bar pass the rock formation only a few meters away. near Schotten-Betzenrod

63679 Schotten, Deutschland

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