Geologische Baumhecke Geotop

63679 Schotten, Deutschland

The "Geological Tree Hedge" is located on the outskirts of Schotten-Eichelsachsen. It is a project of the initiative group Eichelsachsen and was opened in 2011. The small wood on the southern edge of the village hides some geological beauties: next to the rock outcrop that marks this spot, there are striking stones of the region - vividly presented. A small circular path leads through the area, information boards explain the rocks, and a seating area with a magnificent view invites visitors to take a break. Since May 2012, this geotope has been equipped with an information portal. Accessibility: For hikers, the hiking trail "Spur der Natur" is recommended. The trail begins and ends at the bakehouse in the center of Eichelsachsen. The trail is about 8 km long and can be shortened to about 4 km or 6 km as desired. The trail leads partly on grass paths and trails, as well as on developed field paths. Along the paths there are several resting benches. in Schotten-Eichelsachsen

63679 Schotten, Deutschland

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