Evangelische Stadtkirche Lauterbach

An der Kirche 3, 36341 Lauterbach, Deutschland

The Protestant town church, which already had a Gothic predecessor, is a late Baroque hall church. It is located directly on the market square and in the neighborhood of the castle. It was built by the master builders Georg and Georg Veit Kock in the years 1763 to 1767. Particularly noteworthy are the magnificent old grave monuments of the barons Riedesel from the 16th/17th century on the window pillars. The interior is structured with strong pilasters and has a mighty mansard roof. It is one of the most beautiful rococo churches in Hesse. The design of the sermon room is characterized by delicate stucco and pastel tones.

Kontakt Evangelische Kirchengemeinden Lauterbach und Heblos

An der Kirche 3, 36341 Lauterbach, Deutschland

06641 4456

06641 65016



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