Fachwerkkirche Kestrich

Am Erlenbach 2, 36325 Feldatal, Deutschland(329 m über NN)

The picturesque half-timbered church, which stands in the middle of Kestrich, certainly already had a medieval predecessor. This was apparently replaced by a new building around 1770. For this purpose, a princely hunting lodge, which stood near Romrod, was bought and moved to Kestrich. However, the building was clearly too small and had to be expanded and adapted to the needs of the community at a cost of over 2,000 gulden. A striking feature of the simple building is the massive square tower on one side. Another special feature is that the Jewish community of Kestrich had its synagogue directly on the other side of the street.

Evangelische Kirche Feldatal-Kestrich

Am Erlenbach 2, 36325 Feldatal, Deutschland


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