35410 Hungen, Deutschland

Hungen - the shepherd town Between Wetterau and Vogelsberg, surrounded by lakes and streams, Hungen with its 12 districts offers numerous places and squares that invite you to linger: Half-timbered houses, churches, old mill wheels, the castle and castles. Hungen is the only Hessian town to have a full-time town shepherd. In the Hungen cheese barn, old traditions can be experienced: a show dairy, a cheese school, a delicatessen and the "sheep and nature experience area" invite visitors to discover everything about sheep. Every two years, the Hessian Shepherds‘ Festival takes place in Hungen. Hungen is located on the UNESCO World Heritage Roman Limes, on the German Limes Road, the Limes Hiking Trail and the Limes Bicycle Trail. The Limes Information Center of the district of Giessen is located at Hof Grass. Water plays a special role in Hungen: the Inheidener/Trais-Horloffer Lake invites you to swim, sail and surf. On the first weekend in August the big lake festival takes place. At the "Three Ponds" between Hungen and Nonnenroth you will find ideal opportunities for hiking, walking or enjoying nature. Next to the attractive open-air swimming pool in the core town of Hungen, the new cycle path to Villingen begins, which is also well suited as an inline skating route.

35410 Hungen, Deutschland

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Festkommers im Rahmen der 100 Feier der Freiwilligen Feuerwehr Ulrichstein. }
Festkommers im Rahmen der 100 Feier der Freiwilligen Feuerwehr Ulrichstein. }
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