36320 Kirtorf, Deutschland

Kirtorf - the town in the green At the northern edge of the Vogelsberg lies Kirtorf with its imposing half-timbered town hall. A small, fine, extremely lively museum shows the history and stories around the town. The characters are the "Schmer-Schorsch", a revolting priest, the "Storchentante" and other figures - they bring the past of the village to life in an entertaining way. An exhibition about the Vogelsberg volcanic region in the newly renovated cellar vault of the museum, which is located on the picturesque market square with its old half-timbered houses, leads much further back into the past. But there are also numerous traces of past times in the woods and meadows: Impact sites of the Stone Age people, burial mounds from the Bronze Age, village deserts of the Middle Ages and ruins of romantic castles. In addition to culture, sports and leisure activities are very important in Kirtorf today: Fishing, horseback riding, swimming, hiking, gymnastics, trim sports, soccer, tennis, motor sports ... much is possible.

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Restaurant Schmeerofen

Marburger Straße 46, 36320 Kirtorf, Deutschland

Food Establishment Local Business

Lakeside Resort Michaela is situated in a wonderful waterfront location directly on the idyllic Lake Antrift. Here you can indulge yourself and explore the enchanting surroundings of Antrifttal. 
The house is located just a few meters off the route of the

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Lakeside Resort Michaela

Am Stausee 1, 36326 Antrifttal, Deutschland

Food Establishment Local Business

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Reitanlagen Bernsburg

Arnshainer Str. 8, 36326 Antrifttal, Deutschland

Sports Activity Location

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Museum Kirtorf

Neustädter Tor 8, 36320 Kirtorf, Deutschland

Civic Structure Museum

Die idyllische Gemeinde Antrifttal mit ihren fünf Ortsteilen Bernsburg, Ohmes, Ruhlkirchen, Seibelsdorf und Vockenrod befindet sich in einer malerischen Mittelgebirgslandschaft auf einer Höhe von bis zu 377 Metern. Die Umgebung wird geprägt von ausgedehnten Laub- und Nadelwäldern sowie...

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36326 Antrifttal, Deutschland


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Dreschhalle Ohmes

Kirtorfer Str., 36326 Antrifttal, Deutschland

Barbecue Area

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Im Hofgut, 36326 Antrifttal, Deutschland

Civic Structure Landmark Or Historical Building

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Das Alsfelder Landei

Schönwiesenweg 14, 36326 Antrifttal, Deutschland

Farm Shop Local Business Store

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Oldtimer Freunde Ohmtal e. V.

Buchhainer Straße 9a, 35315 Homberg (Ohm), Deutschland

Association Civic Structure

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Über 400 Fachwerkhäuser aus sieben Jahrhunderten dominieren das Altstadtbild einer der schönsten Kleinstädte Deutschlands. Idyllische Plätze und verwinkelte Gassen laden ein zum Entdecken, Verweilen und Erleben. Allen voran der Marktplatz mit dem weltbekannten Rathaus. Vielfältige...


36304 Alsfeld, Deutschland


Amöneburg ist seit langem ein beliebtes Ausflugsziel mit einer markanten Silhouette, die herausragt. Die 1300 Jahre alte Stadt dient heute als wichtiges Tor zum Nationalen Geopark „Vulkanregion Vogelsberg“. Hier können Besucher vielfältige Naturlandschaften in einem der ältesten...


35287 Amöneburg, Deutschland


Die idyllische Gemeinde Antrifttal mit ihren fünf Ortsteilen Bernsburg, Ohmes, Ruhlkirchen, Seibelsdorf und Vockenrod befindet sich in einer malerischen Mittelgebirgslandschaft auf einer Höhe von bis zu 377 Metern. Die Umgebung wird geprägt von ausgedehnten Laub- und Nadelwäldern sowie...


36326 Antrifttal, Deutschland


Birstein is idyllically situated at the foothills of the southern Vogelsberg with gentle meadow valleys, enchanting forests and crystal clear streams. Here you can still really enjoy nature. The picturesque castle - still the residence of one line of the family of the Princes of Isenburg -...


63633 Birstein, Deutschland


Feldatal, the valley of the mills, is located on the northern edge of the Vogelsberg Volcanic Region Nature Park and is one of the most beautiful valleys. In former times there was an iron hammer and 20 mills here, some of which are still in operation today. The charming, varied low...


36325 Feldatal, Deutschland


No less than six nature reserves, including the Ober-Mooser-See, famous for its rare bird species, are located in the area of the municipality. Good bathing and recreational opportunities are offered in summer by the camping park at the Nieder-Mooser-See. Carriage rides through the...


36399 Freiensteinau, Deutschland



63688 Gedern, Deutschland


Die einstige Höhenburg aus dem 13. Jahrhundert war namensgebend für den Ort Burg-Gemünden in der Gemeinde Gemünden im Vogelsberg.

Gemünden (Felda)

35329 Gemünden (Felda), Deutschland


The town of Grebenau is framed by mountains, which leave a gap only in the northern direction. Grebenau owes its affectionate designation as ‘Gründchen‘ to this circumstance. Well passable cycle paths invite you to explore the Gründchen community with its seven districts by bike. Grebenau...


36323 Grebenau, Deutschland


Grebenhain - climatic health resort - volcanically good
Grebenhain in the Vogelsberg is relaxing, natural, livable, active - in short: ‘A volcano full of pleasure‘ in the middle of the nature park Hoher Vogelsberg. Well-kept hiking trails to the basatl formations in the Oberwald, outdoor...


36355 Grebenhain, Deutschland


Get out into the countryside, relax & unwind, admire the Hessian half-timbered history, stroll through the old town and simply enjoy your time. All this is possible in Grünberg, the small town on the green mountain.
The numerous half-timbered buildings, the historic market square and sights...


35305 Grünberg, Deutschland


The dominant location of Herbstein, visible from afar on a volcanic cone, is inspiring. The pretty little town with a walkable city wall is laid out in a ring construction. It is widely known for its tradition of the Herbstein


36358 Herbstein, Deutschland


Paradise for active vacationers
High above the Ohm valley, on one side the Amöneburg basin and the Lahn mountains, on the other the heights of the Vogelsberg, lies the castle of Homberg. From here there is a magnificent view in all directions. The town, which was first mentioned in a...

Homberg (Ohm)

35315 Homberg (Ohm), Deutschland


Hungen - the shepherd town
Between Wetterau and Vogelsberg, surrounded by lakes and streams, Hungen with its 12 districts offers numerous places and squares that invite you to linger: Half-timbered houses, churches, old mill wheels, the castle and castles.
Hungen is the only Hessian town to...


35410 Hungen, Deutschland


Laubach - Count‘s residence
Whoever approaches the old residence town of the former Reichsgrafschaft zu Solms-Laubach will be overwhelmed by its graceful location as well as the dominating castle with its extensive park. The wooded surroundings offer all the prerequisites that are expected...


35321 Laubach, Deutschland


Welcome to the city of the lost stocking.
Many sights catch your eye immediately, the gems you discover only at second glance. Either way, stroll through the romantic alleys on your own or on a guided tour and discover magnificent villas and stately buildings surrounded by a picturesque...


36341 Lauterbach, Deutschland


Restful nature for hiking, horseback riding and cycling, a landscape so vast and dreamy. In the municipal area there are special historical places: The Totenköppel near the village of Meiches is the last remaining clan cemetery in Germany. The gallows between Hörgenau and Hopfmannsfeld is...


36369 Lautertal, Deutschland


Half-timbered pearl Lich
Nestled between the Vogelsberg and Wetterau mountains, the town of Lich lies in a charming setting. The lovingly restored old town shines with picturesque half-timbered houses and idyllic alleys. Highlights are the 48 m high city tower, the Marienstiftskirche and...


35423 Lich, Deutschland



35325 Mücke, Deutschland


Romrod - the most central castle in Germany
The center of the core town of Romrod is the castle. The building with its high towers and walls looks like something out of a fairy tale. Once a Hohenstaufen moated castle, the castle seems to dominate the town to this day. But it is not only a...


36329 Romrod, Deutschland


Wartenberg - Active in the middle of Germany
East of the Vogelsberg Volcano Region Nature Park are the Wartenberg districts of Angersbach and Landenhausen, characterized by half-timbered houses and village culture. The ruins of Wartenberg Castle from the Staufer period are worth seeing....


36367 Wartenberg, Deutschland


Schlitz - the castle town
When approaching, the town rising from river meadows around a mountain cone presents itself with an unforgettable sight: four proud and at the same time dreamy castles form a special highlight. From here, the former lords of Schlitz were able to watch over the...


36110 Schlitz, Deutschland


Schotten - center of the Vogelsberg Volcano Region Nature Park
Come to Schotten and enjoy the special flair of this diverse town with its medieval town center. The historic old town is characterized by many impressive half-timbered buildings, all built between the 14th and 18th century, and...


63679 Schotten, Deutschland


Eingebettet in sanft geschwungene Landschaft liegt Schwalmtal im Vogelsberg.


36318 Schwalmtal, Deutschland


Ulrichstein - Hesse‘s highest town
Far away from the hustle and bustle of our days lies the mountain town Ulrichstein, a state-approved resort. Ulrichstein is the highest situated town in Hesse, peace and clean air create a high recreational value here. The houses of the small town are...


35327 Ulrichstein, Deutschland


Lama und Eseltrekking-Touren

Grebenauer Str. 5, 36304 Alsfeld, Deutschland

Tourist trip

Die Tourisinformation befindet sich im Kulturhistorischen Museum im Torbogenhaus von Schloss Gedern.


Schlossberg 9, 63688 Gedern, Deutschland

Die Tourisinformation befindet sich im Kulturhistorischen Museum im Torbogenhaus von Schloss Gedern.

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